The capogiro is a cork with a waterproof closing: by your first dizziness (capogiro), it will preserve for you the flavor and bouquet for the next opportunity.

But capogiro is also the bust of the winemaker, wine taster, generous host or good drinker you are: the more you turn his head, the less there will be left for you.

Finally, the capogiro is an exclusive work of craftsmanship: it's your unique portrait. Cast in bronze, commissioned as a bust of Marcus Aurelius, Caesar or Adriano, no one will be confused on the pedestal of the bottle with that of Nerone, Brutus or Caligula (or vice versa).

In summary, the capogiro is a micro-most lasting monument in the arts, bronze, signed and guaranteed by the most ephemeral of the arts: the production (or use) of an excellent wine.